This Week in Washington IP: Budget Hearings, Problems Posed by AI, and Government Use of Section 1498 for Private Patent Infringement

Vidal Tells IP Press USPTO Has Been Listening and Learning in Year One—But Now It’s Time for Action

WHO pushes for more access to COVID-19 drugs

A US Judge Is Enabling Tech’s Campaign To Crush Startup Competitors

Industry, NGOs Spar Over Need to Extend TRIPS COVID IP Waiver at ITC Hearing

Patent Wars: Innovators, Revolutionaries, and the Race to Reform

Banning Noncompete Clauses Would Jeopardize U.S. Trade Competitiveness

Former USPTO Head Criticizes Agency’s Approach To Pharma Patents

Ex-USPTO Chiefs Say Patent System ‘Overhaul’ Not Needed

In Response to Questions Signaling Major Changes to Patent System, Commenters Ask USPTO: ‘Where’s Your Data?’

Former USPTO directors challenge Vidal’s patent outreach

Hazards of Counterfeit Products, Record Low – or Is It?

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