An image of architectural detail from the United States Supreme Court building.  There are circular pillars visible in a row.  The pillars are white.  Each pillar has a block at the bottom, followed by three circular lines going all around them.  Vertical lines come next in an alternating pattern of sunken lines and protruding ones.  There are six pillars visible in the image, but only their lower parts can be seen.  The floor has white tiles.  There is sunlight coming from the front of the building, creating shadows behind the pillars.
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Close up of an unrecognizable businessman signing contract paper.
Businessman using laptop to open e-mail via virtual screen, Internet messaging concept, social media marketing, communicating with modern technology, online mail.
3D anonymous people avatars in virtual terrain.
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World book and copyrights day and international legal rights concept with old book in library with judge gavel on open law textbook in court archive text collection study room
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