Innovation is America’s backbone.

It creates jobs here and improves lives everywhere.

Let's protect it.

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Patents Save Lives

From diagnostics to therapeutics and vaccines, patent rights underpin the innovations responsible for saving millions of lives during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

IP Fosters Economic Growth

IP-intensive sectors, from film and music to high-tech manufacturing and life sciences, employ 45 million Americans and account for over one-third of total U.S. GDP.

IP Rights Tackle Global Challenges

Strong patent rights facilitate pioneering discoveries that are fit to address today's energy security, climate change, and public health concerns.

IP Rights Drive High-Value Creative Industries

Strong IP rights, from copyrights to trademarks, incentivize the development of creative works that fuel the economy and benefit the general public.

Predictable and high-quality intellectual property rights have propelled America's innovative leadership ever since they were enshrined in the Constitution.

The next frontier of the drug pricing fight

Medicare has a herculean task ahead of setting up an infrastructure to take on an entirely new function for the program — regulating how much it pays for certain medications, and penalizing drug makers that hike prices faster than …

American intellectual property is under unprecedented assault from both domestic and international actors.

America’s IP system faces a host of challenges, from weak enforcement and theft abroad to anti-patent rulings and legislative measures stateside. The protections that IP-intensive industries depend on to develop innovations in software, medicine, even agriculture, hang in the balance. And as the lifeblood of the U.S economy, our nation’s prosperity is interlaced with theirs.

A coordinated, bipartisan education and advocacy campaign is the key to counter existing and burgeoning threats to intellectual property.

Those working to defend IP rights have historically been fractured, rather than aligned, along industry lines. Further precluding productive discourse, debates surrounding IP can prove highly technical and confounding. We can only effectively safeguard our system once we foster broader public understanding and political support for pro-innovation positions.

Stories of IP in Action


It’s time to support today’s Edisons

Not since the days of Thomas Edison — the prolific innovator who patented the incandescent lightbulb and a record 1,092 other breakthroughs — have inventors received so much praise. TIME named the scientists who developed the mRNA platform behind the …

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