Proposed Framework on March-In Rights Dubbed ‘Unprecedented’ by U.S. Chamber

‘Oh when the government goes marching in’ a rising US threat?

Biden proposal on ‘march in’ rights would have limited effect on current drug costs, critics say

Ex-USPTO Directors Rally Against WTO IP Waiver

C4IP and IP Celebrities Tell Biden to Pass on Extension of TRIPS Waiver

Ex-Patent, Commerce Officials Ask Biden to Skip Covid IP Waiver

Incentivizing Innovation for National Security: A Conversation with Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC)

How counterfeit products harm consumers and businesses

NewsNation Now with Nichole Berlie

With holiday shopping picking up, tips on how to avoid counterfeit products

Fraud experts share tips for combating holiday sale cybercrime

What to look for to avoid buying counterfeit goods this holiday season

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