Celebrating American Innovation: Dr. Daniela Blanco, Dr. Maria Artunduaga, and Briselda Hernandez

Inventor Spotlight
C4IP is honoring the stories of three Hispanic entrepreneurs and innovators, all of whom depend on IP protections to achieve remarkable success:

  • Daniela Blanco, Venezuelan-born chemical engineer, inventor, and founder of Sunthetics. At Sunthetics, Dr. Blanco creates proprietary machine learning platforms, underpinned and protected by a combination of patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Her platforms allow scientists to develop chemicals, medicines, and materials more quickly and sustainably.
  • Maria Artunduaga, Colombian-born physician-scientist, patent holder, and founder of Samay Health. At Samay Health, Dr. Artunduaga is working on bringing a wearable lung-function monitoring device, named Sylvee, to market. She credits a strong IP portfolio — which currently includes four granted U.S. patents — as instrumental to the startup’s success.
  • Briselda Hernandez, Executive-director of Minot, North Dakota’s Souris Basin Planning Council (SBPC) and former AmeriCorps VISTA member. Through SBPC’s Business Accelerator Fund, Hernandez strives to spur entrepreneurship and innovation by providing startup financing to local budding businesses.
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