The Council for Innovation Promotion (C4IP) and University of Maryland Host Roundtable on PG County Innovation Ecosystem With Rep. Glenn Ivey (MD-4)

On Monday, July 24, the Council for Innovation Promotion (C4IP) and the University of Maryland (UMD) hosted Congressman Glenn Ivey (D-MD), along with local entrepreneurs, engineers, venture capitalists, and intellectual property experts, for a roundtable discussion on ways Prince George’s County can further develop as an innovation hub and how Congress can support American entrepreneurship more generally.

UMD Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Dean Chang (left), Congressman Glenn Ivey (center), C4IP Co-Chair David Kappos (right)

The roundtable — which consisted of two panel discussions led by C4IP Co-Chair David Kappos and UMD Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development Dr. Dean Chang — touched on vital topics such as the roles of the public and private sectors in supporting research and commercialization opportunities; how intellectual property protections support investment in high-tech sectors; and how American society embraces failure in a way that drives innovation forward.

Congressman Glenn Ivey (left) and C4IP Co-Chair David Kappos (right) discuss how Congress can help bolster innovation in Prince George's County and the United States at large

Distinguished panelists included:

  • Rep. Glenn Ivey: Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland’s 4th district; former State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County (2002-2011)
  • David Kappos: Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office from 2009 to 2013 and Co-Chair of the Council for Innovation Promotion
  • Dean Chang: Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Vice President for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development at the University of Maryland
  • Bob Nye: General Partner at JMI Equity, a growth investment firm focused on software companies and a top venture capitalist in the mid-Atlantic region
  • David Iannucci: President and CEO of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation, which oversees the County’s $50 million Economic Development Incentive Fund
  • Husein Sharaf: Founder and CEO of Microsoft Gold Partner firm Cloudforce
  • Charles Grody: University of Maryland graduate and CEO and Founder of Hydraze, UMD’s Do Good Challenge (2019) and Pitch Dingman Competition (2022) winner
  • Anaum Khan: Rising senior studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, Co-founder of Learn Prompting, a platform that teaches people how to use AI, and Engineering Fellow at Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm that specializes in investing in incubation, early-stage, and growth companies
Roundtable participants (left to right): Bob Nye, Charles Grody, Anaum Khan, Dr. Dean Chang, Congressman Glenn Ivey, David Kappos, Husein Sharaf, David Iannucci, Frank Cullen

Prior to the roundtable, participants and attendees received a tour of the E.A. Fernandez IDEA (Innovate, Design and Engineer for America) Factory, where University of Maryland undergraduate students presented their ongoing research projects. Projects ranged from a robot able to sense and adjust to its terrain and autonomous scooters, to submarines promoting sustainable agriculture. 

C4IP Co-Chair Dave Kappos (left) and Congressman Glenn Ivey (right) tour the IDEA Factory spaces with rising UMD senior, entrepreneur, and roundtable participant, Anaum Khan
Student innovators at the University of Maryland demonstrate their invention

To learn more about the event, check out our press release here and access the full video and transcript of the roundtable discussion here

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