New Op-Ed from C4IP Executive Director Frank Cullen: Innovators Need Patent Reform Now

Frank Cullen, C4IP’s executive director, recently published an opinion piece in InsideSources tracing back the origins of the legal confusion surrounding patent eligibility — and outlining how the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act would clarify patent eligibility in order to empower the researchers, scientists, and inventors who drive our innovation economy.

Cullen’s piece details the numerous Supreme Court cases over the past decade-plus that carved out broad exemptions to patent protection in areas such as diagnostic tests, isolated genetic sequences, and machine learning algorithms. He explains how the ambiguity of these court decisions has generated mass confusion over what specific types of inventions are patent-eligible — causing high-tech research areas to lose out on billions of dollars of investment.

Fortunately, Cullen explains, the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act would shore up this issue by offering clear guidance on patent eligibility, thereby strengthening the IP incentives that power American innovation.

“The Patent Eligibility Restoration Act will restore the intellectual property protections at the heart of the American innovation economy. That’s why we need Congress to step up as true champions for innovation and pass this critically needed legislation.”

Read the full op-ed here:

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