Council for Innovation Promotion Launches Grant Program for IP Scholarship

WASHINGTON (June 28, 2023) – Today, the Council for Innovation Promotion announced the creation of a grant program for intellectual property research, scholarship, and writings. The program will advance C4IP’s mission to provide lawmakers data-driven recommendations to inform IP policy.

“Fact-based discussions are a prerequisite for the formation of any new legislative policy,” said Jamie Simpson, C4IP Chief Policy Officer and former Chief Counsel on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, IP, and the Internet. “C4IP’s grant program will generate much-needed research to facilitate those discussions and usher in a new era of American IP policy.”

C4IP will provide research grants up to $25,000 to selected lead researchers who are, at the time of application submission, full-time assistants, associates, or professors at a university, degree-granting research institution, or law school. Funds will be designated to support research projects resulting in final written works, and research proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by C4IP and its Board.

“Strong intellectual property rights underlie America’s economic competitiveness and technological leadership worldwide, so it’s critical that our laws provide robust IP enforcement mechanisms and incentives to innovate,” said David Kappos and Andrei Iancu, C4IP Board Co-Chairs and former Under Secretaries of Commerce for Intellectual Property and USPTO Directors. “We look forward to reviewing the research supported through our grant program and have high hopes that it will pave the way for policies that benefit U.S. inventors and accelerate American innovation across all economic sectors.”

Grant proposals directed towards C4IP should focus on contemporary IP policy debates. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the impact of patent eligibility Supreme Court cases on domestic innovation, estimates of counterfeit goods sold by third-party sellers on e-commerce platforms, and the effect of injunction jurisprudence on the U.S. patent system.

“C4IP understands the need for informed research around intellectual property matters,” said Frank Cullen, C4IP executive director. “We are excited to support this important work so lawmakers can craft well-researched, pro-innovation policies.”

More information about the application process is available here, and any questions about the program should be directed to Jamie Simpson at

About the Council for Innovation Promotion: The Council for Innovation Promotion is a bipartisan coalition dedicated to promoting strong and effective intellectual property rights that drive innovation, boost economic competitiveness, and improve lives everywhere.

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