Council for Innovation Promotion Celebrates the Introduction of the SHOP SAFE Act in the House of Representatives

WASHINGTON (June 13, 2024) — Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet Darrell Issa and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler recently introduced the SHOP SAFE Act of 2024, H.R.8684. Frank Cullen, executive director of the Council for Innovation Promotion, issued the following statement in support of the bill:

“The introduction of the bipartisan SHOP SAFE Act by Subcommittee Chairman Issa and Ranking Member Nadler, joined by Subcommittee Ranking Member Johnson and Subcommittee Member Cline, represents a crucial stride in protecting American consumers during online transactions and fortifying the intellectual property rights of U.S. creators.

“Brands cannot be solely responsible for policing online platforms and keeping American consumers safe from counterfeit products, which pose serious health and safety risks. The SHOP SAFE Act rightly puts more onus on e-commerce platforms to monitor and eradicate counterfeit goods from their websites.

“This legislation will undoubtedly curtail the circulation of counterfeit goods, which drain billions from America’s economy, jeopardize thousands of jobs, and stifle creativity across all economic sectors. C4IP strongly advocates for the swift passage of the SHOP SAFE Act by Congress.”

Read C4IP’s letter to Subcommittee Chairman Issa, Ranking Member Nadler, Subcommittee Ranking Member Johnson, and Subcommittee Member Cline in support of SHOP SAFE here.

About Council for Innovation Promotion: The Council for Innovation Promotion is a bipartisan coalition dedicated to promoting strong and effective intellectual property rights that drive innovation, boost economic competitiveness, and improve lives everywhere.

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