New Op-Ed from C4IP Co-Chair Andrei Iancu: Help American Inventors Bolster National Security

Yesterday, Andrei Iancu — C4IP co-chair and former USPTO director and undersecretary of Commerce for intellectual property — published an opinion piece in The Hill explaining why the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act and PREVAIL Act are key to protecting U.S. national security.

Iancu reveals how reforming the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) through the PREVAIL Act would empower American startups against larger competitors. He also demonstrates how misguided Supreme Court jurisprudence has created confusion around the patentability of emerging technologies, stunting innovation and making the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act essential.

Passing both bills, Iancu asserts, would empower U.S. inventors to compete with adversaries like China in the race for global innovation leadership.

“To maintain national security, the United States needs to strengthen its technological capabilities — and to do that, we need to incentivize innovation, fast.”

Read the full op-ed here:

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